Step 4

The final finish

After the first wipe down, very lightly mist the surface again with the detailing spray. Grab a fresh Big Softie or Drop Bear cloth and fold it into quarters, and using the low pile side of the cloth, gently buff the misted area. Then grab your last, clean Big Softie or Drop Bear cloth, fold it in half and give that final buff in a circular motion with the plushest and driest part of the cloth, to leave a perfectly clean surface. It's important for this final finish that the you always use it on a dry section of the cloth, to eliminate smearing, so fold and turn it often. 

Then move onto the next section, doing the exact same process, till the car is completed.

If you're then going on to clean another car, don't use these same cloths; always use fresh ones, as you don't want to risk any dirt micro-scratching this cars paint. Might give you an idea why we have hundreds of these cloths at out disposal to clean all the cars in the collection, some 20 times a year. We sell the cloths in bulk, check them out from the links to the cloths below. 

The microfibre cloths will need to be cleaned straight after, so machine wash them with our Microfibre Wash. All the accumulated dust will be totally removed from the cloths. From our weekly cleaning experiences, we know they will all come back as new, ready to give you a great, safe clean once again.