Models and details

Gerni -

Classic 115.5: 1400W, 1670PSI, maximum flow rate 7.3L/min, 5m hose (no hose reel), 6Kgs. 

Classic 125.5: 1500W, 1810PSI, maximum flow rate 7.7L/min, 6m hose (with hose reel), 6.6Kgs.

Classic 130.3: 1800W, 1885PSI, maximum flow rate 8.7L/min, 8m hose (with hose reel), 11.8Kgs. (recommended - good specs and hose length)

Super 150.3: 2300W, 2175PSI, maximum flow rate 8.3L/min, 10m hose (braided hose on a hose reel), 20Kgs.

Super 160.3: 2300W, 2320PSI, maximum flow rate 8.3L/min, 12m hose (braided hose on a hose reel), 20.5Kgs.

Stihl -

RE 88: 1700W, 1450PSI, maximum flow rate 7.3L/min, 6m hose (no hose reel), 8.9Kgs.

RE 109: 1700W, 1595PSI, maximum flow rate 7.3L/min, 7m hose (no hose reel), 17.7Kgs.

RE 129 PLUS: 2300W, 2175PSI, maximum flow rate 8.3L/min, 9m hose (braided hose on a hose reel), 20Kgs.


Bosch -

AQT 35-12: 1500W, 1740PSI, maximum flow rate 5.8L/min, 5m hose (no hose reel), 5.5Kgs.

AQT 37-13: 1700W, 1885PSI, maximum flow rate 6.2L/min, 6m hose (no hose reel), 6.5Kgs.

AQT 42-13: 1900W, 1885PSI, maximum flow rate 6.2L/min, 7m hose (no hose reel), 14Kgs.

AQT 45-14: 2100W, 2030PSI, maximum flow rate 7.5L/min, 8m hose (with hose reel), 25Kgs.


Ryobi -

RPW140-G: 1800W, max pressure 2000PSI (rated pressure 1450PSI), maximum flow rate 7.2L/min, 5m hose (no hose reel), 7.7Kgs.

RPW150-G: 2000W, max pressure 2200PSI (rated pressure 1600PSI), maximum flow rate 7.2L/min, 8m hose (with hose reel), 12.3Kgs.

RPW170-G: 2400W, max pressure 2500PSI (rated pressure unknown - estimate 1800-2000PSI), maximum flow rate 7.3L/min, 8m hose (with hose reel), 30.7Kgs.


Spitwater - (Australian made and owned)

Cleanmatic: 1600W, max pressure 2400PSI, maximum flow rate 7L/min, 7m hose (no hose reel), 15Kgs.

Turbo 8-90: 1800W, max pressure 2300PSI, maximum flow rate 8L/min, 8m hose (no hose reel), 23Kgs.

Quiky 10-100: 1850W, max pressure 2550PSI, maximum flow rate 10L/min, 8m hose (no hose reel), 27Kgs.