Other cool things to look at

You won't find these tools in stores, but another often overlooked, but extremely important aspect of using a pressure washer, is safety. We can reccomend an Australian designed and made waterproof lead protector, so if you're working around water like we mostly are, you can be sure you won't zap yourself with this very nifty tool. Click here to check it out.

We also like to use the handy Hose Slides around our tyres when using a pressure washer, the triangle shape fits under the front tyres  with a rounded front edge so the hose doesn't get caught up around them when in use. 

A small valve controlled hose fitting on the end of your hose to plug into your pressure washer will also make your life a lot easier. The valve controls the amount of water that comes out of the hose, and you can completely turn the water off, which makes taking the hose off and on a lot easier. You can find one of those in many hardware stores and here - Gardena hose connector with control valve.

If you have a Karcher machine the Snow Blow Cannon faces sideways, as the lance on these machines doesn't allow the cannon to swivel (You'll have a Gansta style grip), you can fix this by taking the adapter off and wrapping more thread/ plumbers tape around the end thread. You want to put enough extra thread tape on until the Snow Blow Cannon faces and stays the right way when it's connected.

If you're more of the technical type, you can also get different size metal washers to space the adapter out on the Karchers, so it'll face the right way up as well. Not all the adapter threads are cut the same, so you will need a bit trialing different washer size combinations to get it right for each cannon. Or save yourself all this hassle and simply don't get a Karcher machine....