Which brand is for me?

There’s a myriad of different brands out there, but the main ones we see people in our Facebook group using, are Gerni, Stihl, Bosch, Karcher and Ryobi. Gerni and Stihl use the same adapter, and Bosch & Karcher use their own adapters respectively. Gerni, Stihl & Bosch machines use a metal pump, Karcher machines use a plastic pump. There are pros and cons for both, but do your own research here. We find there seems to be far fewer problems with the metal pump machines. Over the last 4-5 years, the majority of problems we see with pressure washers and cannons are from Karcher machines.

We have no affiliation with the Gerni brand, but we had (before the Australian distrubution rights were bought by Bunnings) in the past found it to be the best of the bunch for us personally, and from the feedback we see through our Facebook group. We have a Gerni 125, 140 and 160.2 that we use regularly, and a 115 that we have done testing with for the new Snow Job formula (which we found the hose for was way too short), to ensure it will foam well with the smaller machines. These machines are a good consumer grade machine - if you're wanting a professional machine for a business or similar, there are other machines out there; you get what you pay for.