Easy cleaning with Bugger Off

We made an entirely new product in 2015, that was filled with the latest chemistry to be 100% targeted towards cleaning kamikaze bugs from your car. With the advent of so many modern cars having mostly plastic frontal areas and polycarbonate headlights, the old solvents everyone (including ourselves) were using, were no longer suitable, as they could sometimes etch into these more fragile surfaces. So we created this one that was fully compatible and safe for all cars, old and new. We call it Bugger Off

  • It cleans bug splatter off fast, a must for every road trip.
  • Powerful citrus formula, with unique enzymes that quickly penetrate to break down & dissolve bug splatter.
  • Super effective, for easy use on your car, truck, caravan and bike.
  • pH neutral, won’t remove good quality/durable waxes, sealants or paint protection.
  • Safe on all paints, plastics, rubber, fibreglass, headlights, fairings, number plates, grills, & bullbars.
  • Leaves a clean, non greasy finish, just rinse it off for a residue free finish. 
  • Environmentally safe and biodegradable formula. 

We also made a non scratching microfibre cloth to work with it as well, that we call the DeBugger. It has a unique diamond weave that dramatically increases the ease and speed of removing any bugs from your car when used with the Bugger Off