Other tips

The dirty water tank is quite small in the SpotClean, so be prepared to empty it often if you’re doing more than just a small area. When you hear the sound of the machine change to a higher pitch noise, it’s time to empty it out. It operates off a float device inside the dirty solution tank to stop the machine when it's full (note that the "FULL" mark on the side of the tank is a bit high). Pull the tank off and drain it, noting how much ingrained dirt, grime and junk you have now pulled out from the carpet. Once it’s empty, give the tank a gentle shake so that the float inside settles back to the bottom of the tank.

Leave the rubber stoppers on the tanks open slightly so the tanks can air out after use. If you close them off, there's a chance they can build up mould and other nasties.

Wrap the hose around the machine and place it in the supplied holder points to avoid the hose cracking.