Protecting your leather

The Leather Guard gets applied exactly the same way as the Leather Love. With these products being water based, just wash the applicator pad you've been using with the Leather Love out in a bucket of water, then gently wring it out. If it's really dirty, add 5mls of our Microfibre Wash to the bucket and hand wash. After this, the pad is ready to be used again with the Leather Guard

Use the Leather Guard exactly the same as the Leather Love above. It's very important to pay extra attention to the high wear areas of the seats; side bolsters and support areas, to help stop the gradual wearing away and degrading the PU coating each time you get in and out of the car.

Leave it sit for 5 minutes and then wipe away any remaining residue with the low pile side of the Plush Daddy microfibre cloth.

That's it, all done! Look, feel and smell that leather. This quick process is all that is needed to help keep it like new for a long time to come.