Begin with a deep clean

If the dash is shiny, has any grime build up, if you've been using other products on it previously, or you're using Vinyl Care for the first time on a car that's new to you, our first step is to deep clean it with our Orange Agent citrus based all purpose cleaner. This is a safe, pH balanced formula that's ideal for a more intensive clean on a lot of surfaces, with vinyl and plastic being some of its best.

Products that leave a shine all use silicones in their formulas, so it's essential to remove this before applying our low sheen Vinyl Care. If you don't do this step, you may get an uneven finish, even a "fish eye" type look as Vinyl Care will not layer on top of silicones. 

To apply, spray Orange Agent to lightly dampen one side of the Square Bear microfibre applicator pad. Work in small sections at a time, gently applying in a circular motion to the surface, working it in reasonably well. Now this is the important bit; wipe off the Orange Agent with a folded, clean, Plush Daddy or Dirty Deeds cloth while it's still wet. You remove it while wet, so all the grime and silicones you've cleaned off are wiped into the cloth with the cleaning solution, as if you let it dry, it will bond back onto the plastic surface you're trying to clean. Be sure to inspect and then turn/fold this cloth to a fresh, clean side when you begin seeing any dirt and grime building up in it. 

If you notice the microfibre applicator getting slightly dirty, (especially when cleaning more grime affected surfaces) you can hand wash it out in fresh water, then wring till it's dry/damp, apply Orange Agent and carry on cleaning. 

Some recent models have been using a soft touch type material on the dashboard which is very easily marked or scuffed. To avoid issues in this type of surface, use a dry side of the Square Bear applicator for your wipe off, instead of the Plush Daddy.

Continue doing this system of cleaning, till the entire area is done.

It leaves a dry and pretty stark finish, so you'll now need to finish it off with the Vinyl Care