Step 1

Spray with Fabra Cadabra 

Once you have removed the heavier material sitting on the top, give the area a thorough vacuum using the crevice tool attachment of your vacuum. Work methodically in an up/down, and side to side motion.

Mist the area you are cleaning with Fabra Cadabra and allow it to sit for a minute.The way Fabra Cadabra works, is to release the stains and bonded particles from the fibres of the material, while not doing anything to affect the feel or colour of the cloth.

After waiting for a minute, blot the area with a microfibre applicator like our Square Bear, or a microfibre cloth like our Dirty Deeds. Do a second application after this, gently agitating the area with the other, clean side of the applicator pad or cloth so it can suds up - you could also use an upholstery style brush like our Plush Brush for this job. Wipe clean while the product is still wet so it doesn't dry back into the fabric with a separate, dry microfibre cloth once you're happy the area is totally clean. If it's a particularly bad mishap, look at steam cleaning or using a shampoo extractor machine. We have a separate guide on using the SpotClean here -