Why we hate shiny interiors...

When you go to a new car dealership, take a look at a brand new cars interior. You'll notice the dash and plastic areas all have a nice and natural mid sheen to them. Not a horrible shiny/glossy/greasy look that many 2nd hand car yard cars have, or cars owned by unfortuante people who use cheap, silicone based products and simply don't know any better. We believe that people who think shiny plastic is good on interiors need to be re-educated to how their car was when it left the factory.

We saw it as important to make a product that would rejuvenate and restore this brand new, factory fresh look and feel, which is why we created our new formula Vinyl Care

Vinyl Care is great for your cars dash board and plastics, as it gives true UV protection, to help prevent plastic trim from premature cracking, fading and hardening. Its formula also helps rejuvenate and restore the look of older, sun affected finishes to an orginal look and feel. 

The best thing about Vinyl Care is its low sheen finish, as it won't reflect a shine (when the sun hits the dash) onto the inside of the windscreen, making for a lot safer driving experience. 

We're also very proud that it has no silicone - water or oil based - in its formula, so it's not negatively affecting the plastics and vinyl in the long term, nor is it greasy, sticky or dust attracting.

If you have a new or 2nd hand car, or are just hating the shiny products that have been applied previously, here's our way of cleaning that crass shine away from the dash and any non gloss plastics, bringing back the factory fresh finish.