Seat Cleaning and Care

Looking after your seat is quite easy, no matter if it's a fabric material or a vinyl finish. It's important for long term to keep it clean from mould, mildew, salt build up and sunscreen, plus other things that might get on it. 

We use our Sublime Clean for thi - a gentle, environmentally safe cleaner. While the seat is removed to rinse down the engine, (it should be wet) spray the Sublime Clean all over the surface and then use our Plush Brush soft bristle brush and gently scrub the seat methodically down, paying extra attention to any stitching and joins. 

If there are any areas that need extra attention, spray the Sublime Clean directly on to them and leave to sit for a minute before scrubbing once more. Note that with older neglected seats or stains, especially in vinyl, they can be difficult to bring back if they have been there a long time or are sun damaged. Regular cleaning after each ride or when you notice any new marks is the key to keeping them looking their best here.

Once you're happy with it, rinse it all down with a hose, then put it back on the ski at the end of the wash when it's time to dry it with the Big Green Sucker, or wait a few hours after drying so it airs the engine area out, just wipe over with the Big Green Sucker while off the ski. All nice and easy!