The deep clean

With the chemical and mechanical decontamination now done, it's time to really deep clean the paint. The Three Way and Claying Rubber will remove the surface bonded contamination, but paint isn't flat and it has dips and valleys in it that hold dirt and contamination. This is where the Paint Cleanse & Restore comes in and is perfect for removing embedded dirt and contamination from the paint. This is essentially deep cleaning the paint, so that Bead Machine can get the very best bond to the paint, to look and perform its best.

Apply a small, 50c sized dollop of product onto a Circle Work applicator pad and wipe it in with your fingers to ensure there's no dry spots on your applicator. Work the product into a small section of the paint (1/4 of a bonnet for example), up and down, then back and forth, until it begins to go clear. Once this happens, wipe off the residue straight away with a clean and dry Big Softie cloth folded into quarters to the low pile side. For the next section, apply a smaller amount of product (2 pea sized bits), and continue the same application and removal method until the car is done.

Click the link below for a detailed guide, including a how-to video.