The quick clean

Step 1 

Firstly, get rid of any grit or bigger particles by cleaning the seats down with a vacuum cleaner, (soft brush extractor on the end is best). Make sure the car is in a cool area and the leather is not warm to touch, as heat tends to evaporate the products good stuff before it can get into the leather hide.

Step 2

Spray the Leather Love into one of our Square Bear microfibre applicator pads. It's made for this type of product application, long loops in its weave give effective cleaning on the leathers undulating surface.

Step 3 

Gently massage away into the leather, using a gentle circular motion. Cover the entire surface and let the product do the work; you don't need to rub hard or apply extreme pressure. Pay extra attention to high wearing points, as well as areas that your skin or sweat can come into contact with; seat backs, side bolsters and your steering wheel.

Step 4 

While the Leather Love is still wet, wipe off with a folded, low pile side of our Plush Daddy interior microfibre cloth. This wet residue will contain all the dirt and grime that was built up on the surface, so fold it to a clean side often, so you don't wipe the same dirt back into the leather. 

Apply the Leather Love a 2nd time as per above with the Square Bear (not a brush), but this time leave it sit for a couple of minutes before buffing off any remaining residue. This is good to do if the leather is older, extra dirty, or seems quite dry.

When the Square Bear pad is starting to look a bit dirty, it will pay to hand wash it in a bucket of water, rather than continually rubbing the built up dirt back into the rest of your leather. Wring it dry and continue with your cleaning.