What makes it so great?

  • Firstly and most importantly is the way it dries wet surfaces, using the same combination of ingredients we began our formulation processes with.
  • It leaves an absolutely perfect, spotless finish, even with hard water.  
  • The ease of removal is fantastic as well, even in direct sunlight on hot cars; zero smearing or “high spots”.
  • Then there is that shine, which is one of the single biggest things in this formula. The reflections we get from it are simply stunning.
  • After Glow is a dedicated drying aid, with great protection for this category of product.
  • It has a cure time that’s pretty outstanding as well, a rapid 30 seconds is all it takes.
  • We have maxed out its concentration too, so it’s a pretty thick liquid, and depending on the size of the car, you’ll only ever use about 10 to 15mL each time. That’s 30 to 50 uses per 500mL bottle, so a little really goes a LONG way.
  • It’s safe to use on everything around the car: paint, glass, chrome, plastic, vinyl, rubber, alloy and it smells divine.
  • The very best thing I love is that warm, goofy feeling you get when looking at the car after the jobs all done. Hence the name After Glow.