White cars, you don't need to wax them.

If you have a solid or flat white painted car you can use Fully Slick by itself, and not need to wax it. It's a little something we found from our own white cars and over many years of testing.

Naturally based carnauba wax, like what’s in our Carnauba Body Wax cream and Lazy Wax spray, is fantastic at giving depth to paint, especially on darker colours, metallics and pearl effect paints, almost making it look like you can swim in the paint. What a natural carnauba wax can’t do, is provide a tremendous amount of protection for your paint. It’s for this reason that we say you dont need to wax a white car.

If the white of your car has a pearl through it, or a fleck of some sort, then by all means use the waxes before applying Fully Slick, as it will create some depth in the paint. However, if your car has a flat white paint job, then you can skip the wax and proceed straight to the Fully Slick or even Bead Machine, as they offer superior protection to the naturally based waxes. The synthetic polymer in Fully Slick also brings up a stunning clean shine.