The Head Pumper Cannon

Use your head, for the highest satisfaction levels ever!

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For a whole new level of gratification when detailing your beloved ride.


We've truly pushed the boundaries of innovation with this bold and unique piece of detailing equipment which will make detailing your beloved vehicle much faster, more efficient and highly satisfying. Made for professionals and enthusiasts alike, this ingenious new solution only requires a water connection, with the foam being generated by hand, to pump up its patented soft pressure sacks that slowly build up the pressure till they automatically open and explode a glorious stream of thick snow foam all over your beloved ride. 

  • The Head Pumper Cannon is for those who are seriously into their detailing and proud to show it. 
  • Makes the pre-wash stage of snow foaming faster, more efficient, super fun and highly satisfying.  
  • Fast set-up and pack-down time, plus it doesn't need a pressure washer, just hook it up to water, pump and foam.
  • Uses a patented Soft Pressure Sack technology to build internal pressure by hand pumping. 
  • Blows lovely thick and glorious foam with little effort required. 
  • The cannon's rock-hard pumper extrusion system is encased by a highly lubricated and long-wearing pump shaft, for years of lovely hand pumping.  
  • High-grade straps so it stays stable on your head for when you really get into the longer pumping sessions. 
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design with a soft padded internal foam, it's a fashionable and professional-looking statement piece you can be proud of for any detailing jobs. 
  • Very green alternative, as it uses no electricity. 
  • Works amazing with our Snow Job or Mega Snow Job pre-wash snow foams, plus the Happy Ending finishing foam. 
  • Also available as a Crutch Pumper Cannon and can be used together with the Head Pumper Cannon. 
  • Proudly Australian-made and developed by people who also love cars and detailing.



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