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1 April 2024  Dan Bowden  

At Bowden’s Own we are always looking for innovative ways to make detailing faster, more efficient, and highly satisfying. One of our bigger annoyances has been the time it can take to set up for the pre-wash snow foaming, with pressure washers, hoses and then that laborious pack down, not to mention the power it costs us to use them.


From looking into this we have developed a new, greener, no-power solution that we know anyone serious about their detailing will totally love. Introducing our latest professional tool, the Head Pumper Cannon.

This really blows!

This ingenious new solution only requires a water connection with the foam being generated by your fluid hand motion to pump up its patented soft pressure sacks, that slowly build up the pressure till they automatically open and explode a glorious stream of thick foam all over your beloved ride.

When your best work is done by hand

You keep this foam flowing continuously by hand pumping the cannon's ergonomic shaft, maintaining the pressure to the sacks with your gentle rhythmic hand motion as you move and blow the thick cleansing foam all around the vehicle. The pumping action is not too labour intensive with its relaxing, natural motion, that genuinely provides a very high level of gratification.

Doubling up, into your ultimate form 

But, we can boost this further, almost into another realm, as the soft sack pressure technology is being incorporated into one of our most popular detailing tools, the world-renowned Crotch Cannon.

This innovative double-pump solution of Crotch Pumper and Head Pumper Cannons harnesses the power of dual-handed operation to showcase your multitasking prowess in its ultimate form. This pure peak of detailing performance is made for taking on any larger projects with an unparalleled level of efficiency.

The ground-breaking double-pump system maximises the potential of your detailing skills, demonstrating to everyone in your home, neighbourhood, or workplace the high level of professionalism you have to easily streamline this advanced foaming task with an unmatched level of class and mastery.

New levels of satisfaction 

These hand tools will transform the pre-wash stage into an exceptional experience when paired with either of our two Snow Foams or the Happy Ending finishing foam, all used together as a system to provide a profound level of satisfaction, enriching your life in ways you could never have previously imagined.

Where can you get them? 

Get hands-on and join our pumping revolution now with these uniquely Aussie-made masterpieces from our great supporting Automotive stores nationwide, only in limited numbers till they inevitably sell out.

Product codes to quote to the stores are: HEADBONER Head Cannon and HANDBONER for the Crotch Cannon. 

RRP of just $149.99 each for these handmade marvels. 

Thank you for the support of our Aussie car care company that allows us to keep innovating and investing in new ways to make detailing faster, easier and more fun. 

Pump your cannon with pride,

Dan Bowden 

Snow Job

Snow Job

A satisfyingly thick, pH neutral, pre-wash snow foam concentrate.

$32.99 View Product

Mega Snow Job

Mega Snow Job

An awesome heavy duty snow foam for those dirtier weekends.

$33.99 View Product

Happy Ending

Happy Ending

A super hydrophobic after-wash finishing foam

$63.99 View Product

The Crotch Pumper Cannon

The Crotch Pumper Cannon

New upgrades to one of the ultimate tools for detialing satisfaction.

$149.99 View Product

The Head Pumper Cannon

The Head Pumper Cannon

For a whole new level of gratification when detailing your beloved ride.

$149.99 View Product

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