The Spinal Tabs

Apply to our bottle spines for easy identification.

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These are something that was suggested to us through the Bowden's Own Detailers Facebook group. Some tabs for the side spines of all our bottles, so the products are easily identifiable if you keep the bottles facing out from their sides. Ideal for those using detailing trolleys or have tight shelf space, which is only going to get tighter as we always have more gear coming! 

  • Makes identifying the bottles on your trolley and shelves really simple.
  • Made to fit the side of our 500mL and 750mL/770mL trigger bottles.
  • Printed on high quality material so it stays on the bottle and is chemical resistant to make it last for many years of refills.
  • OCD approved, for a nice and clean look using the same fonts as the labels, something the labelling machines don't do.
  • All printed and created in Australia.


You’ve gotta get yourself a set or two

By: on 20 April 2018
Dan Bowden listen’s to all advice to make his product work better for the user , and the forever thinking tank has taken our want’s and have made theses spine stickers for each and every product they make, I think they’re absolutely a must to have and it makes your Detailing job a hell of a lot faster by not looking for the product you wanna grab , as these little spine stickers are little time savers , come on they’re small bit of shrapnel, and it makes your life easier and they look really, really cool , so go on get yourself a set today and make your mates drool over such professional complete set of Bowden’s products that you’ve got on your Detailing trolley, cupboard or shelves , you are gonna love them

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