Canyon Pro Grade Trigger

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It's big and black, something many pro detailers will love.


If you do a lot of detailing, a big ergonomic trigger is always a winner. A favourite of many professionals, this Canyon trigger is the bigger brother of what we use on our different retail bottles. 

  • Industrial grade trigger, ideal for professional use.
  • Strong chemical resistance, so it works with all our detailing liquids.
  • Sprayer is super adjustable from a strong stream to a super fine mist.
  • Ergonomic trigger, makes it easier on your hands when you do lots of cars.
  • Will fit any 28mm neck, including all of our 500ml, 750ml & 770ml trigger bottles.
  • 225mm dip tube with a fine gauze filter.
  • Reusable, so it's an ideal one if you refill our products from the 5 or 20 litre drums.
  • This big trigger is only available in black, and some say you will never go back. 


Yes just do it! It’s worth it!

By: on 2 May 2019
I never thought I’d be writing a review for a trigger sprayer... yet here I am... it’s that good! Such a nice upgrade over the stock triggers. It doesn’t have the on / off like the stock triggers but that doesn’t bother me. Seriously it’s so nice to use. I’ll need to upgrade everything else now.

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