How to use your True Blue Bucket - 2023

What will you find inside?

Inside the bucket, you will find a cracking combination of our bluest products, for washing the outside of your car, cleaning the glass on the inside and an exclusive new air refresher.

The True Blue Bucket includes:

The Wash Pillow - A super sized wash tool for faster and easier washing.
Summer Edition Wax Wash - A fan favourite making a return with some extra UV protection and unique summer fragrance.
Naked Glass - A streak free cleaner for perfectly bare glass.
Big Softie - A high quality detailing cloth that enjoys being used with Naked Glass.
Bluetiful Air Refresher - A speedberry infused air refresher that'll rev up your nostrils. 

Summer Wax Wash

We'd recommend giving the car a pre-clean first, either with our Snow Blow Cannon and Snow Job/Mega Snow Job, or simply rinse down thoroughly with the pressure washer or the Jet setting on your hose end, to remove the heavier dirt and grime which reduces the risk of scratching your paint when you start washing.

Grab your True Blue bucket and fill it 3/4 full of water. We'd also recommend grabbing a Rinse bucket available separately if you wish, and insert the Great Barrier Thingy into the bottom. We strongly recommend 2 buckets - one for clean rinse water, and one for your wash water. The idea here is to dip your Wash Pillow into the wash water, wash a section of the car, then bring your Wash Pillow back to the clean rinse water and ring it out in there, before going back into the wash water and washing the next section, to stop dirt and contamination going into your wash water as much as possible.

Fill up one capful of Summer Wax Wash and pour it into the bucket, giving the cap a good thrash around in the bucket. Agitate the bucket with your pressure washer or the Jet setting on your hose to mix the wash and produce a nice head of suds.

Dip your Wash Pillow into the wash suds and let the suds soak into it for a couple seconds (squeezing it gently can help it absorb the wash suds), then starting at the roof of the car, gently wash in a back and forth motion, then side to side so that you don't miss any spots. We prefer not to go in circles when washing - not because it will create swirl marks, but because when you do small circles, there's always a bit that you miss. When you wash up and down, then back and forth, you are guaranteeing that you don't miss any spots.

After washing the first section, dip your mitt into the clean rinse water and thrash it about and/or squeeze the suds out so that any dirt or grime leaves the wash tool, then dunk it back into the wash suds and do the next section of the vehicle, leaving the lower dirtier sections till last.

Once you've washed the whole car, rinse the suds off thoroughly (NOTE: if you're washing in the sun, rinse the suds off periodically - don't let them dry on the paint). 

Safe drying

The Twisted Pro Sucker is our new twist pile loop drying towel, and is used with Boss Gloss to enhance the drying experience, and coincidentally fits perfectly with the blue theme going on with this bucket. You can also use the Big Green Sucker if you prefer - both can be purchased separately.

Spray 4-6 sprays of Boss Gloss into each side of the Twisted Pro Sucker/Big Green Sucker and start drying your vehicle from the top, working your way down the car, drying any glass that may be in the sun first, to avoid getting water spots on the glass. There's no need to add any more Boss Gloss to the cloth, and you won't need to wring either cloth out. If you find the cloth becomes waterlogged, it could be that you need to flood the panels of the vehicle a bit more, to remove more water before drying the car.

We also recommend drying the wheels and tyres before adding any tyre shine - give them a quick wipe over with a dedicated microfibre cloth like our Dirty Deeds to remove excess water.

Glass cleaning

Use 1-2 sprays only of Naked Glass into the low pile side of a folded into quarters Big Softie (if it's cold, use less product, and if it's warmer, you may need to use a little more Naked Glass). Gently wipe up and down, then back and forth over the glass until you see any marks in the glass disappear and the Naked Glass start to flash off. Flip the Big Softie to the dry side and gently buff over the entire glass surface to remove any remaining product and to remove any haze from the glass.

If the glass is very dirty, or you have stubborn marks on there, you can spray the Naked Glass directly onto the glass, leave it for 10-15 seconds before using the Big Softie in the same way as described above.

For a more in-depth look at glass cleaning and the Big Softie, see our article below:

Taste victory with Bluetiful

It's now time to use Bluetiful - a simply delicious smelling air refresher for the interior of your car.

Clean your interior out thoroughly, including removing all clothes (excluding your own), rubbish, food scraps etc, as any and all of these can contribute to gnarly smells hanging around inside your car. Give the carpets and mats a good vacuum, and wipe down all the surfaces inside the car so that it's all nice and clean. Any stains that need to be removed from fabrics should be done at this stage.

Give the bottle of Bluetiful a shake and then mist 8-12 sprays into the front and rear carpets. Shut the doors and windows of the vehicle and allow around 30 minutes before hopping into it. Note, the longevity of the fragrance will change depending on the quality of the carpet, where the car is stored, how many sprays are used etc.

Any questions?

The True Blue Bucket for 2023 is available exclusively through your local Supercheap Auto store in limited numbers. To find your closest store, click this link - Store Finder.

Thank you for your continued support and allowing us to keep making great car care products!

If you have any questions around the True Blue Bucket , send us an email - or Free call 1800 351 308.

Happy detailing,

Brett Hobbs.