Glass cleaning

Use 1-2 sprays only of Naked Glass into the low pile side of a folded into quarters Big Softie (if it's cold, use less product, and if it's warmer, you may need to use a little more Naked Glass). Gently wipe up and down, then back and forth over the glass until you see any marks in the glass disappear and the Naked Glass start to flash off. Flip the Big Softie to the dry side and gently buff over the entire glass surface to remove any remaining product and to remove any haze from the glass.

If the glass is very dirty, or you have stubborn marks on there, you can spray the Naked Glass directly onto the glass, leave it for 10-15 seconds before using the Big Softie in the same way as described above.

For a more in-depth look at glass cleaning and the Big Softie, see our article below: