Interior Plastics

If your plastics are quite dirty, in need of a deep clean, or you've used silicone based products on them previously, you will need to do a deep clean with our Orange Agent all purpose cleaner first. Spray a few sprays of the Orange Agent into a Square Bear applicator or similar, then gently wipe over the plastics you want to clean. While the product is still wet (DON'T LET IT DRY), wipe it off with a Plush Daddy cloth or similar, so that all the dirt and grime you've just released from the surface, is drawn into the cloth and doesn't dry back on the surface.

If your plastics are in good condition, aren't too dirty, and you haven't used silicone based products on them in the past, simply grab the Vinyl Care and mist about 4 sprays into a fresh and clean Square Bear applicator. Using an applicator ensures good coverage, as well as for making a lot less work wiping away over-spray if you spray it directly onto the surface. 

When applying product to the dash with the applicator, work in small sections at a time. Move across the surface in a gentle circular motion, as this gives you the best and most effective clean of the dash, especially if it has a textured or undulating surface. You want to ensure the product gets into all these areas for the best protection and finish.

Grab your Plush Daddy cloth and fold it into quarters with the low pile side facing out, and gently wipe off the Vinyl Care while it's still wet, for an even finish.

Check out our full guide for Vinyl Care below:

Place your used cloths into the Microfibre bucket ready to be washed.