Paint Cleanse & Restore

Once the car is washed and dried, it’s ready for deep cleaning and cleansing, to get deep into the pores of the paint and ensure it's as clean as possible before we move onto our final step sealant protection. We do that with our Paint Cleanse & Restore. Make sure the paint is cool to touch, dry and in the shade. Place a 50c sized dollop of Paint Cleanse & Restore onto the Circle Work pad, then rub it into the surface till there are no more dry spots in the pad. Do a section of the car at a time (maybe 1/4 of the bonnet). Work the product in an up and down, then side to side motion till it begins to go opaque. Once this occurs, buff off the remaining residue with a Big Softie cloth. 

For the next section, only apply a small amount of the Paint Cleanse & Restore to the Circle Work pad (around a 5c sized piece), and continue around the car using this method. 

If you find the product is difficult to remove, or becomes a bit sticky, simply add a couple sprays of Boss Gloss to your Big Softie cloth prior to removal to help remove these bits.

Read our in-depth guide on Paint Cleanse & Restore here:

Place your used cloths and applicators into the Microfibre bucket ready to be washed.