Carnauba Waxes, perfect for classic cars with all paint types

After you have finished the paint cleansing, we have three different types of carnauba waxes to finish it off with, as in our opinion, and what we have seen and tested, waxes still give the most stunning glow and shine of any car care product. They work on all paint types, from orginal single stage paints, to modern resprayed clear coats. Which wax type you choose to use is all dependant on your own personal preference.

The first is the very easiest to use - the Lazy Wax spray - its name gives away how easy it is! This carnauba spray wax gives a beautiful shine, especially on metallic and darker coloured cars. Use it by spraying 8 to 10 times over one side of a folded plush Drop Bear cloth, then apply back and forth evenly over a smaller section, like 1/2 a bonnet, one door etc. Then, buff off right after applying with a 2nd clean and dry Drop Bear cloth, for a lovely smooth and shiny finish. Top up the same wet side of the Drop Bear with two more sprays of Lazy Wax and move onto the next section, continuing the same application and buff off process till the vehicle is done.

We also have the Carnauba Body Wax liquid cream, which has the same protection and shine as the Lazy Wax does, but is a little more work to use, but we have it there if you like to use a liquid wax. Use it with a microfibre applicator pad, spreading it right around the pad so there are no dry spots. Now apply to a smaller section of the vehicle, like 1/2 a bonnet or a door etc. Then, buff it off with the low pile side of a Big Softie cloth right after application. Add another small dollop of the wax to the applicator when it feels like it is starting to dry out. Do the whole car this way till completed.

On either of these waxes above you can add more protection by sealing them 3 to 4 hours later with our Fully Slick water based synthetic spray sealant. We found that by adding a layer of this over the waxes above made them last up to double the time on the car (waxes are more organic in their nature, so they break down a bit faster than synthetics), plus it leaves the slickest feeling finish of anything in our range, which is something that many car fanatics just love. Use it the exact same way you do the Lazy Wax with the two Drop Bear cloths above.  


Beaut Beads paste wax

The above carnauba waxes are great, very cost effective products and will appease most classic car enthusiasts, but if you want to take it to the next level, with the best level of depth and shine from our entire range, as well as great super hydrophobic protection, we have our high end carnauba paste wax - Beaut Beads.

This is something our chemist formulated over 11 months with 57 different versions of much trial and error. This process was done to create a modern take on a classic favourite, that eliminated the numerous issues we had with other high end paste waxes in the past (hard to apply, even harder to remove, not that protective and continual re-hazing or ghosting in our humid Australian conditions). Also to show fellow car fanatics that carnauba waxes are far from a dead medium in car care. This one is a labourous handcrafted blend, with a lot of fairly exotic wanky ingredients, making it purely for the hardcore fanatical car lovers or traditionalists who love the "romance" of using a qualty paste wax - basically, for people just like us. You can read our full story of making this wax here.

Due to the different set of ingredients used to make this paste wax, you use it a little bit different to our other two waxes as we will run through below.