Green Dreams

Green Dreams can be used to top up and maintain protection of our other sealants like Bead Machine, or it can be used as a stand-alone sealant with 2-3 months of protection on good condition paint. It works best when used in the shade on cool panels, and the panel needs to be wet. It's got a very similar usage to our Wet Dreams, but cures even faster for some instant bead porn.

After washing the car, rinse it down thoroughly from the top down. Grab your Green Dreams and a damp Big Softie cloth, working in small sections (e.g., one quarter of a bonnet, one door), mist Green Dreams over the section and gently wipe it in with the Big Softie to ensure even coverage (don't wipe too hard or you'll wipe the product off the paint - we're just spreading the product evenly across the panel). IMMEDIATELY rinse off with your pressure washer or the Jet setting on the hose - Green Dreams bonds almost immediately, so you should see instant bead porn. Continue around the car using this same technique until it's done, making sure to keep the rest of the panels wet to avoid water spotting.

Once complete, take the end off your hose and flood the panels with water - the new found surface tension will force the water to clump together and sheet away in one go which means less drying time for you!

For a detailed guide on getting the most from Green Dreams, see our Wet Dreams detailed guide below: