Prep it up

With the vehicle washed, rinsed and dried, now we want to clean up the surface as best as we can to get the most out of our protective waxes and sealants.

If the paint feels rough, or is in need of decontamination, then use our Three Way and Claying Rubber at this stage, then wash and dry the car again. If you're going to use the Paint Cleanse & Restore, you can also do this prior to waxing and sealing, and you would do this at this stage of the detail. For more info on this, click here.

Now onto the Flash Prep. This is an esssential step to the process here, as it will remove any oils, silicones, dirt etc that could potentially stop the wax from bonding well to the paint. During our testing, we found that the wax lasted longer, and gave more impressive results when the surface was first wiped down with Flash Prep.

Work on small sections at a time (1/4 - 1/2 of a bonnet for example). Spray Flash Prep liberally straight onto the surface, then with a Big Softie cloth, gently wipe the product back and forth, then up and down, then finish off with a second clean and dry Big Softie cloth to remove any remaining residue. For a super thorough clean, do each section a second time.