Wheels first

Half fill your Wheels bucket with water (Wheels bucket is available separately), then add a capful of Green Stuf and froth the mixture up inside the bucket with a short blast from the pressure washer to properly mix it up. If you don't have a pressure washer, use the "Jet" setting on your hose end.

With your Wheels bucket set up next to the wheel, and with your brushes handy in the bucket, spray the Wheely Clean directly onto the wheel. Leave it to dwell for only a short time (30 seconds or so), then scrub the wheel with the Little Chubby brush. If you'd like to clean the inside barrel of the wheel, use the Flat Head brush, and get in there around the inside of the wheel barrel. Rinse the brushes out in the Wheels bucket as needed.

For the smaller or intricate areas around the wheels (wheel nuts etc), use the Nuts and Guts brush from the Foursome brush set, which is available separately.

Once the wheels and tyres have been cleaned, you can spray a few sprays of Wet Dreams straight onto the wheel face, then pressure wash or hose it off, to add some super easy protection and a lovely shine in one step. This will make it more difficult for brake dust to stick to the surface, making your next wash just that little bit easier.

For a detailed guide on wheel cleaning, see our guide below: