Wheels and tyres

Use The Frother with Wheely Clean for heavy brake dust, or Orange Agent for convenient foaming. Be sure you have 4 pucks in The Frother for optimal foaming of Orange Agent and Wheely Clean.

  1. Work on one wheel at a time, in the shade and on wheels that are cool to the touch.
  2. Pour Wheely Clean or Orange Agent into The Frother and fill to the 1 litre mark.
  3. Apply and allow to sit for no longer than 1 minute and agitate with our different wheel brushes.
  4. Hose off with a strong stream of water, or with a pressure washer if one is available.
  5. Apply our Wet Dreams sealant while the wheel is still wet to add protection and shine and make the wheels easier to clean next time.

See our detailed wheel cleaning guide below for more info: