For drying, it's good practice to begin by blowing all of the standing water out with a small blower of some sort. We're using a battery powered Milwaukee one here, which is great because it has a rubber tip that won't mark anything if you accidentally hit something with it. There are lots of different sort of these on the market, and honestly, any of them will do the job.

After all of the standing water has been blown out, there are 2 methods for drying: Twisted Pro Sucker/The Big Green Sucker + Boss Gloss, or After Glow + 2 Big Softie cloths. We're using The Big Green Sucker with Boss Gloss here, so spray 6-8 sprays of Boss Gloss into each side of the cloth, then dry the bike, starting at the top and working your way down. Don't be afraid to use your blower to help get any bits out that you may have missed.

Another great option for drying bikes is our Twisted Little Suckers + Boss Gloss. These smaller cloths enable you to get into all the small crevices where the other cloths can't get to easily.

After Glow is for the fanatical among us. It will leave a perfect finish, and add some protection, as well as leaving an anti static finish, which is great to help reduce dust and dirt sticking to the bike.

To read more about After Glow, including a detailed how-to video, see our guide here: