The Big Green Stuffers

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The ultimate detailing shorts for any serious car fanatic.


If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a favourite set of shorts to detail in. Now we’ve taken that to the next level with our custom-built detailing shorts, The Big Green Stuffers. Designed with a focus on comfort, scratch-protection and practicality, we reckon they’ll become your new favourite detailing shorts.

  • Made from the same highly absorbent moisture-wicking microfibre as our Big Green Sucker drying towel, making them perfect for those sweatier and more vigorous detailing days.
  • The unique and subtly padded crotch panel is ideal for comfortably supporting The Frother when pumping it up. The padding also protects your family jewels from impacts with sharp and hard edges.
  • Luxuriously thick and plush microfibre, for exceptional comfort. They’re so comfy we’ve found them perfect to wear on longer drive days.
  • Micro-soft edges and hidden seams with no exposed stitching, to ensure there’s nothing that can scratch you or your vehicle.  
  • With a few sprays of Boss Gloss they make a great wearable drying towel - like having an extra set of hands when drying your car.
  • These shorts seriously suck moisture and are super-handy for soaking up accidental beverage spills.
  • Generous cut trunk design can be worn as shorts, slipped over the top of longer pants (for added scratch protection) or even as underwear or sleep wear. 
  • Rear fabric loops for hanging spray bottle triggers onto when you need an extra hand.
  • Machine washable with our Microfibre Wash, for years of detailing pleasure.
  • Proudly designed and hand-crafted in Australia.
  • Available in both men's and women's sizes.


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