Bugs or Tar?

If your car has any bugs or tar build up, you'll want to deal with that now.


Working in the shade on surfaces that are cool to the touch, spray Bugger Off over the bug affected areas and allow it to sit for no longer than a minute. Avoid surfaces that are in poor condition, porous or breaking down. Dip your Debugger cloth into the Wash Bucket you used earlier, and gently wipe over the bugs until they are gone, then thoroughly rinse off. 

You can also spray Bugger Off onto the affecteed areas of the car before snow foaming, then snow foam over these areas within 30 seconds or so. The snow foam slows down the curing time of the Bugger Off, and gives you a little more time to get around the car with the snow foam. This will add some cleaning power to those front sections and make removing the bugs much easier.


Spray Ta Ta Tar over the tar and allow it to sit for a minute or two as the product softens and breaks down the tar. Dampen a Dirty Deeds cloth and gently wipe over until the tar is gone. For heavy tar deposits, this may take a few attempts, rinsing out the Dirty Deeds in a bucket of fresh water in between. Rinse and re-wash the area with your wash solution and tool, then rinse off again.

Place your used cloths into the Microfibre bucket ready to be washed.