You have two options for drying the car at this stage - Big Green Sucker + Boss Gloss, or After Glow with the Big Softie cloths.

Big Green Sucker + Boss Gloss

Drape The Big Green Sucker over your out stretched arm and spray 6-8 sprays of Boss Gloss into each side of the cloth, then starting at the top of the car and working your way down, begin drying the car. You'll find The Big Green Sucker will dry the whole car without the need to wring the cloth out.

After drying the paint, you can then dry the door jambs, wheels and tyres. Grab a Dirty Deeds cloth folded into quarters, and spray a few sprays of Boss Gloss into one side of the cloth, leaving the other side to dry the tyres with. Dry the door jambs and the wheels with the side of the Dirty Deeds with the Boss Gloss on it, then flip the cloth over and dry the tyres last with the side that has no Boss Gloss on it.

See our full drying with The Big Green Sucker guide below:

After Glow + Big Softies

After Glow is a quick way to add a great depth and shine to your paint, while also adding some protection and drying the car all in one go.
Grab your two Big Softie cloths and dampen one of them. Fold into quarters and spray 5-6 sprays onto one side, then begin drying the car with this side in north-south, east-west motions. Buff off any residue after a minute with your dry cloth. Wring out your wet cloth, apply two more sprays and continue till the car is done.

See our full After Glow guide here:

Place your used cloths into the Microfibre bucket ready to be washed.