Option 2 - Waxes and Sealants

These waxes and sealants work on all paint types, from original single stage paints, to modern resprayed clear coats. Which wax type you choose to use is all dependant on your own personal preference.

Lazy Wax 

Lazy Wax gives a beautiful shine, especially on metallic and darker coloured cars. Just spray 8 to 10 sprays over one side of a folded plush Drop Bear cloth, then apply back and forth evenly over a smaller section (like 1/2 a bonnet, one door etc). Then, buff off right after applying with a 2nd clean and dry Drop Bear cloth, for a lovely smooth and shiny finish. Top up the same wet side of the Drop Bear with two more sprays of Lazy Wax and move onto the next section, continuing the same application and buff off process till the vehicle is done.

The full Lazy Wax guide can be found below:


Fully Slick

Fully Slick is used in the exact same way you do the Lazy Wax with the two Drop Bear cloths above. It can be applied over the top of the Lazy Wax (after it has cured for 3-4 hours) which can help Lazy Wax last up to double the time on the car (waxes are more organic in their nature, so they break down a bit faster in the harsh Aussie sun than synthetics), plus it leaves the slickest feeling finish of anything in our range... something that many car fanatics just love.

The full guide for Fully Slick can be found here.

Place your used cloths into the Microfibre bucket ready to be washed.