Melt Down

A little bit of Qld warmth in every bottle.

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A great waterless de-icer, with a little bit of Qld warmth in every bottle.


Melt Down is our great ice remover for the poor buggers who live in the colder states. Our concentrated formula contains no damaging methanol, strong solvents or salt, but works bloody great at melting frost and light ice. It leaves a safe, streak free finish on glass and comes with a little bit of Queensland warmth in every bottle.


  • Quickly melts frost and light ice on your windshield, mirrors, headlights and windscreen wipers.
  • Not water based, so it won't refreeze after use.
  • Safe on paint, glass, chrome, rubber, plastic and headlights.
  • Qld warmth in every bottle, thaws out locks, side mirrors and door seals.
  • Leaves a safe, streak free finish on glass.
  • Works in all brass monkey weather, tested to -20 degrees celsius and will go well beyond that. 
  • Concentrated formula that contains no damaging methanol, strong solvents or salt.
  • Proudly Australian made and developed for the poor buggers in the cold southern states.
  • Melt Down cannot be shipped overseas.  


Melt Down - A great frost and light ice remover
Melt Down - A great frost and light ice remover

True to label...

By: on 16 September 2020
I was sceptical, as I've tried other products (not Bowden's) to no avail on thick iced up windscreens, etc. Melt Down works well and quickly, you see the ice melt down as you spray. To be expected though, you haven't made a bad product yet. Bowden's for car care, 100% legit. Support Aussie businesses, family, and products. Cheers.

Melt Down really works

By: on 13 July 2018
Living in far south of SA in Goolwa it can really get cold and this product really works on very iced up windows....... A big thumbs for making this product........

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